Mobility grant


What is Mideast Creatives?
The Mideast Creatives program aims to support a more sustainable cultural and creative sector in the Southern Mediterranean region; to be achieved by means of providing support to coworking spaces and creative spaces in the creative industries.


What is the Mobility grant?

In order to increase the knowledge exchange of creative hubs, Hivos Mideast Creatives is launching a Mobility grant scheme for creative hubs based in the Southern Mediterranean region.

The Mobility grant is set up to boost peer-to-peer work and collaboration as well as knowledge exchange possibilities for Southern Mediterranean based Creative hubs.


What is a Creative hub?

A Creative hub is a place which brings creative people together. It is a convenor, providing space and support to networking, business development and community engagement within the creative, cultural and tech sectors. Creative hubs are a uniquely diverse in structure and services, qualifying them as a great driver for growth, competitiveness and innovation in the creative industries. They range from collective and cooperative, from coworking spaces and art and design spaces, to fablabs hackerspaces and cultural incubators.



Mideast Creatives will provide a mobility grant to 10 Creative hub leaders to experience working in a different Creative hubs in the Southern Mediterranean region. There are also 5 mobility grants for Creative hubs leaders to experience working in a different Creative hub in one of the 28 EU member states, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Norway and Iceland. The grants have a value of 2000 EUR.

Peers are encouraged to spend at least 5 full working days in the hosting Creative hub. There are no upper limitations on the amount of time peers want/can spend in a fellow Creative hub.

Would you host want to come to your creative hub too, he or she will have to apply too to a grant that would be considered individually.


What are the eligible countries for applicants?

Southern Mediterranean region: Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine.


What are the eligible destination countries?

Southern Mediterranean region: Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine, the 28 EU member states, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, Norway and Iceland.



  • Supporting peer learning and sharing of knowledge and resources.
  • Stimulating collaborative projects amongst Creative hubs
  • Inspiring transnational co-creation and collaboration.


Envisaged outcomes and impact

The foreseen impact of the Mobility grant is to enhance international cooperation of Southern Mediterranean based Creative hubs professionals, share best practices and learn from each other, co-create innovative international projects.


Eligibility criteria

We are looking to engage professionals leading Creative hub across the Southern Mediterranean region who fit the following profile:

  • Based in Southern Mediterranean region
  • Be a founder or staff member of an established or emerging space (and everything in between)
  • Running multidisciplinary or sector specific creative hub.
  • Willing to connect and share experience and knowledge with other managers across the Southern Mediterranean region or Europe.


Requirements and reporting

The report is intended to be used as a measuring scale for the impact of the Mobility grant after participant’s return to be used as measuring scale for the Mobility grant impact.

The report, in whichever format ( a formal report, a series of articles or blog posts, a video), should cover the following information as a minimum:

  • Details of the peer and home space
  • Details of the hosting space
  • Objectives set-out at the beginning
  • Details about the activities during the exchange
  • Accomplishments & link with a thematic of interest / innovation for creative Creative hub
  • Plans for continuation of collaboration with hosting space


Hosting Creative hub

Applicants for the Mobility grant should ensure they are in touch with their hosting space of interest prior to submitting their application. They should fill in the required details referring to their hosting space, and provide an agreed plan of activities, developed in collaboration with the hosting Creative hub.


Application and selection procedure

Creative hub managers / founders across the Southern Mediterranean region are invited to apply for the Mobility grant by filling in the following documentation:

  1. Application form (Click to download)
  2. Bank account details (Click to download)
  3. Letter of agreement from the hosting Creative hub

Applicants should make sure all the documents in the application pack are fully filled-in and signed where relevant. We ask applicants to provide us with their bank details and a signed letter of agreement in order to ensure a speedy process of transferring the grant in case of award. 

The applicant should submit the 3 documents duly filled-in together with their CV (max. 2 pages), all in pdf format, only by e-mail to, with subject line: Mobility grant application – Round 1 by October, 21st at the latest. Applications can be submitted in English or French. 

Update: The deadline is extended to Wednesday, October 26


Mobility grant timeline (Round 1)

  • Application deadline: October, 22nd at the latest.
  • Travel period: November, 1st to January, 31st to the latest.

Your application will be evaluated as set-out below:


Granting process

If your application is successful, we will send you a quick guide for your Mobility grant. You will be required to provide  your bank account details and sign a letter of agreement. Based on these two documents, we will transfer you up to 75% of the grant money (or up to 1500 euros) as much as possible before your travel.

Upon your return from the hosting Creative hub, you are required to submit your report and survey responses (survey document will be provided to you upon selection) and 3) travel tickets or invoices within 15 working days, by e-mail, to for transfer or the remaining money.

The travel should only start after we have made our funding decision. Therefore we can only process applications if they reach us at least 20 working days before the departure date.


Contact and info

For any further information or questions on the Mobility grant, you can address an e-mail to

When submitting an application, please make sure you submit your document in pdf format, to with subject line: Mobility grant 


Disclaimer: What we don’t fund

  • Applications in which the traveller and/or the host organisation do not represent a Creative hub.
  • Applications written by hosting Creative hub
  • Travel without a committed host organisation
  • Travel that is part of an organisation’s own regular activities
  • Travel to/from countries not listed in these guidelines
  • Travel that started or took place before our funding decision

Please note we can only grant support to one individual from any given Creative hub, therefore when several applicants exists from the same Creative hub, applications have to be individually written and submitted. Each application will be considered individually. Applications also have to be submitted by the person intending to travel, and not by the hosting Creative hub. The same individual can only receive one grant for participation in the Mobility grant over the lifetime of the Mobility grant by Mideast Creatives.